Daddy Bod
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Daddy Bod by Margot Scott


I know three things to be true: Pabst isn’t real beer, the Sox always lose, and wherever I am, I’m always the biggest guy in the room. People don’t just gawk when they see me coming. They keep their distance, which is fine by me. Why do you think I bought a fixer-upper in the country? Not for the creature comforts, that’s for sure.

But I don’t mind the manual labor, just like I don’t mind the solitude. I’ve got my own business and my DIY projects, and no room for anything—or 

That is, until an angel shows up on my doorstep, all mouthwatering curves and anxious smiles, clutching a month-old advert touting a room for rent in 
my new house.

A girl her age doesn’t move to the middle of nowhere without good reason. I’ve made it my mission to unearth April’s reasons, but the more I learn, the more I 
need to learn. Soon, I’m not just coveting her desires. I’m bringing them to life beneath our shared roof.

I knew the ad was a long shot, and I wasn’t prepared for a giant to answer the door. Gazing up at Jonathan, I feel small for the first time in my life, like I could curl up in his lap, safe and warm.

I fully expect him to send me packing, but he lets me rent a room. It's not my first choice to move to the country, but my stepmom threw me out when she discovered how I’ve been saving for college: working as a BBW cam girl, under the username UntouchedLibrarian, reading dirty books to strangers while wearing lingerie.

As soon as I’m back online, I meet a new customer, one who buys up all my private sessions for the month. Something about this mystery man feels familiar, yet different from the other men I’ve talked to. He doesn’t pressure me to take my clothes off. He just wants me to tell him my dirtiest fantasies, things I’ve never told anyone, about wanting to be cherished and sheltered by a man I call Daddy, who makes me feel like a pearl in his palm.

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