Crown of Sins

Crown of Sins by Maria Ann Germain


She's a billionaire mafia princess and he's an alphahole, bully FBI agent sent to take her down - will these opposites attract or kill each other first?

Bellamy Byrne runs an empire. It may be a criminal empire, but hey, it’s hers. And as the gorgeous Mafia Princess of DC, Bellamy gets everything she wants as soon as she wants it. No one dares to argue with her. That is until Raleigh Harding.

Make that Special Agent Raleigh Harding of the FBI. Specifically of the Organized Crime Unit trying to take down The Byrnes. He hates Bellamy even before meeting her, and when he does, she makes it worse by getting under his skin. Her stubbornness and that mouth of hers rival his—something he didn’t know was possible. Logically, he knows she’s bad news. But even still, he can’t stop thinking about that body of hers, and all the things he’d like to do with it, with her.

Bellamy may have too much fun pushing Raleigh’s buttons, especially since he’s the last person she should be flirting with. But when situations turn dangerous and out of control, Bellamy’s first call is to Raleigh. So when he offers her a deal, to work with the FBI and lessen the scrutiny surrounding her and everyone she loves, it’s one she considers—even if both options are dangerous.

Can these two flirtatious enemies find a middle ground that benefits them both—or will the fires of temptation and betrayal Byrne everyone to ashes?