Cowboy, Take Me Home
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Cowboy, Take Me Home by Genevieve Turner


A down-on-her-luck woman finds her perfect home—but a surly cowboy claims it’s already his!

She has one last chance to turn her luck around…

Pippa is homeless, jobless, and dead broke. Her last chance for salvation may be in her late aunt’s dilapidated house. One tiny problem… she’s got Bear trouble.

Bear’s had his eyes on the old Crivelli eyesore for years, and now that he’s bought it, he’s determined to tear it down. All is well… until a sassy, sexy woman rolls into town and claims the building for herself.

The house is a death trap, but Pippa’s determined to make herself a home. Every repair she makes brings her closer to the gruff cowboy who sets her body aflame. And the more she gets to know him, the more she discovers that he needs a home as much as she does—and she just might be his.