Courting Danger
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Courting Danger by Wendy Vella

If only he’d taken more care, she wouldn’t be facing her destiny. Somerset Sinclair vows not to follow in her elder siblings’ footsteps. There will be no marriages or daring rescues of any man carrying Raven blood. Somer has a career, and nothing is about to thwart that. Sinclair Investigative Services is flourishing. Everything was going to plan until Professor Cole Alexander Gusford Charlton foolishly stood under a chimney pot. Now there’s an arrogant, handsome man making her heart beat a little faster. A man of Raven blood whose life she saved, and who irritates her into irrational behavior. Somer is determined to break the pact that bound her family to his. Her heart would remain intact, no matter how hard it was becoming to keep her distance from the professor. Gus had one passion, his studies. A highly sought-after scholar, he had no room in his life for a woman as infuriatingly opinionated as Somerset Sinclair. She calls him stuffy and refuses to show him the respect he deserves. Yes, she’d saved his life, but he’d thanked her for that. Now he must forget her and her strange family, and his life will return to normal. The problem is she has an unusual occupation that throws her headlong into trouble and no one appears worried about that, except him. When Somer’s investigations turn deadly and the threat to her life real, Gus knows his dreams of an uneventful scholarly existence are in fact empty without her in them. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But will Somer fight her destiny or realize that life would be empty without Gus at her side and in her heart. From USA Today Bestseller Wendy Vella comes an exciting Regency series about legend, love and destiny, with a hint of magic. BOOKS IN THE SINCLAIR & RAVEN SERIES Sensing Danger Seeing Danger Touched By Danger Scent of Danger Vision Of Danger Tempting Danger Seductive Danger Guarding Danger Courting Danger Defending Danger Detecting Danger