Courting Cassandry (The Loves of Lyonstoke Castle Book 1)
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Courting Cassandry (The Loves of Lyonstoke Castle Book 1) by Joyce DiPastena

Is it too late for second chances when the girl you loved in your youth comes back into your life?
Gerolt de Warenne spent his life watching Cassandry de Reymes grow into a lovely young woman. He dreamed of building a life together, but Cassandry chose to marry another. Twenty-four years later, with both of them now widowed, he hopes he might have more success in courting her. After all, they were once the best of friends. Perhaps this time, friendship can grow into something more?
But Cassandry rejects his proposal. Her first marriage turned out to be a bitter disappointment. She cannot bear the thought of spoiling her friendship with Gerolt by gambling again on anything as risky as love. Instead, she pushes for a betrothal between their teenage children, to which Gerolt reluctantly agrees.
The day after their children are betrothed, Cassandry finds a small gift outside her chamber door, the first of many that begin to appear each morning. Who could be leaving them? One of Gerolt’s knights who hopes to win the hand of the wealthy widow? Gerolt’s best friend, with whom Cassandry has a secret, tumultuous past? Or could it be Gerolt himself?
Cassandry will have to rediscover the trusting girl she was before her marriage if she is to find the courage to embrace a second chance at love.