Coming Home to the Top of Main Street
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Coming Home to the Top of Main Street by Meg Easton

She's his best friend's sister and completely off-limits. But she's also the only one who can help him. Business savvy Joselyn Zimmerman knows everything about how to run her own business, except what kind of business to run. Chef Marcus desires a life outside the kitchen—one with a family of his own, and more than anything, he wants that family to include Joselyn. But her family has always been there for him, and he doesn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that. When an empty commercial space that they both want becomes available in their home town, Nestled Hollow, the two work together to open an ice cream shop. After spending time in close quarters, making their dreams a reality, Joselyn falls for Marcus. But when their relationship threatens both their new business and Marcus’s place in the Zimmerman family, can their relationship survive? The start of the feel-good, fun-loving, swoony sweet romance series that you've been hoping for! Come make yourself at home in Nestled Hollow where community becomes family and the romances are sweet, swoony, and chock-full of chemistry. Each interconnected stand-alone novel has its own happily ever after. Nestled Hollow Romance books: Coming Home to the Top of Main Street Second Chance on the Corner of Main Street Christmas at the End of Main Street More than Friends in the Middle of Main Street Love Again at the Heart of Main Street More than Enemies on the Bridge of Main Street