Combust (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 13)
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Combust (Bearpaw Ridge Firefighters Book 13) by Ophelia Sexton


Cade Hunter is a lone bear shifter who’s given up on settling down
When he was still just a cub, Cade lost everything to a Christmas Eve fire. He arrives in Bearpaw Ridge for a new job as ranch foreman, but doesn’t let himself hope that this shifter town might be his forever home. He won't be staying. He never does.
Then he encounters a deliciously-curvy damsel in distress who cusses him out when he tries to rescue her. His beast immediately recognizes the gorgeous, feisty brunette as his fated mate. Things just got real interesting in this small town.
Too bad that she's his new boss’s daughter… and that she's not impressed with him. At all. But that doesn't stop Cade from vowing to claim her for his own, and to protect her, whether she wants protecting or not.
Maggie Swanson can fix anyone’s romance…except her own
The bakery manager is Bearpaw Ridge's resident problem-fixer and matchmaker. She suffers a massive romance fail when her arranged mate dumps her in front of all her friends. Cade, a shifter who's just arrived in town, comes to her rescue. He's tall, hot, and instantly protective but his gallantry makes Maggie's humiliation a hundred times worse.
Sometimes, it’s not about what you want but what you need…
Cade is everything Maggie’s never wanted: a rough-around-the-edges beer-drinking, growly bad boy with a hair-trigger temper. And shoulders a mile wide. And a sweet, tender center that he shows only to her.
His kisses are hot as cookies fresh out of the oven, and as sweet and spicy as gingerbread. Why, oh why does he have to be such a hunk of drool-worthy cowboy?
Cade is utterly and completely wrong for her… or is he? Can she risk making another wrong choice, possibly destroying her heart for good this time?