Claimed by the Lumberjack
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Claimed by the Lumberjack by Clara King

He's a lumberjack who thinks he's better off alone... But a curvy damsel in distress is about to make him question everything. I never expected to find myself running from the cops in the middle of a blizzard, but when I'm saved by a big, grumpy lumberjack, my world is changed forever. Ivor is gruff and protective, and I'm immediately intrigued by him. What made this rugged older man decide to live in the middle of a forest? And why is his body covered in scars? I may be falling hard and fast for my lumberjack savior, but I've got secrets of my own, and I don't know how long they can stay buried. Will Ivor still want me when he finds out the truth? Or will this grumpy recluse keep his heart closed off?