Chicago Bound: A Bound Clubs Novel
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Chicago Bound: A Bound Clubs Novel by Lia Rae

They had a weekend fling in paradise, but she disappeared without a word. Now, Aaron is determined to track Natalie down and make her his… Natalie just wants to forget the wreck that is her life when she accepts a handsome stranger’s invitation to spend her vacation with him. Her introduction to his sensual world leaves her shaken by the trust required, but with a deep desire for more. Aaron runs several multi-million dollar businesses and his vacation in the Caribbean is about one thing: pleasure. That is, until he meets Natalie James and finds himself wondering if his current dating policy is going to keep working for him. Their need for each other burns hot, but Aaron represents everything Natalie has come to distrust. When his well-intended secrets come to light they drive Natalie away. Now, Aaron must choose between watching the woman he’s come to love from afar or opening himself up in a way he’s avoided for years. Fans of E.L. James and Sylvia Day will love Aaron and Natalie's story. Make sure you grab this novel that readers say will make you need to stop and fan yourself!