Changes in the Wind
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Changes in the Wind by Niranjan K

How far can he fight fate as well as feelings? Gavril has had to hide most of his magical gifts for all his life. Even in a world where magic is common, some gifts are best hidden, especially for an orphan. He has also been part of the rebellion against the Emperor Zathrian since his student days. The lies propagated by the empire and the truth the rebels want to perpetuate make his choice easy. When he gets the appointment of a lifetime as a chronicler of the Empire’s history, he sees it as an opportunity to help his cause. Everything looks as if it's going according to plan until chance brings about a meeting with the Emperor himself. Zathrian is the immortal tyrant whose regime is covering up every truth Gavril wants to bring to the light. When an ancient, arcane magic deems the two soulmates, intertwining their destinies together, Gavril is sent reeling. He may refuse the bonds of predestination, but he is drawn to the emperor all the same. Changes in the Wind is a queer, romantic fantasy with soulmates and found families. If you like dystopian fantasy worlds, rebellions, immortals, morally grey characters who are trying to find redemption, you will enjoy this book. Buy Changes in the Wind today to see where destiny takes you!