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Chances by MJ Nightingale

Mystic Nights Casino is the newest gambling hot spot to hit Lantern Hill, and Tawny Sassacus runs it. For her people, the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, she is determined to make it a success despite trouble with politicians, and a rival tribal nation. With the help of her children, she is determined to fight for what is right. As Vice-Chair of Mystic Nights, Jonathan Sassacus doesn’t have time to chase women. He only likes a sure bet. When he crosses paths with the new dancer, things change. Tall, with legs that won’t quit, she’s a distraction he doesn’t need, but can’t resist.One night of passion is all it takes. Aliya Chance can’t get the sexy as sin Jonathan out of her head. His powerful and domineering ways are not what she needs in her life. She has her own dreams that don’t include giving private dances to the boss. Jonathan has much to do. He has to hunt down skimmers and embezzlers in his casino before the big audit. The trail he follows leads him down a road filled with murder and betrayal that brings danger to his very door. When his faith is rocked by the woman stealing his heart, will it be too late to save them? Or, will he risk throwing the dice by taking the biggest chance of all?