Catch Me: Time After Time
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Catch Me: Time After Time by Reese Rivers


How do you survive time travel to 17th century France…while wearing a bathrobe…with nothing to help you but an iPhone? How do you avoid being burnt at the stake as a witch for possessing that ‘magical’ evil iPhone?

Start by being rescued by 4 hot AF men. Accept that vampires and wolf shifters are real and then make peace with the fact that you can have them all.
Eden Kelly’s life is in ruins. Traumatized and alone, she struggles to keep living every day until she stumbles through a magic mirror that sends her hurtling back in time to 1667.

Sebastian, Luca, Finn and Cade are completely captivated by the woman that appears in front of them as they go into battle. Her modern ways, smart, sassy mouth and stunning beauty has them entranced and filled with desire. They recognize the damaged soul and anguish she tries to hide as they all have similar pain that they live with. It has them aching to tend, care and soothe her as she unknowingly does the same for them.
Can a modern woman find love and happiness with these men or will time end all things and suck her back to her desolate modern life?

Book 1 in the Time After Time series is a high steam, comedy filled, supernatural, time travel romance where the heroine finds love with all four of her men.