Captured by Time
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Captured by Time by S.E. Isaac


Emily Freeman is an indie author with dreams of making it big. She's worked hard to save up for a book-signing event and nothing will stop her. Or so she thought. When her car breaks down, she finds herself in the passenger seat of a fellow author, Selma Alvar's car. Just when Emily thought things were smooth sailing, she and Selma find themselves stuck in the 1950s throwback town of Camden, Michigan. The fifties decor is the least of the weirdness in Camden-- there's a moose who delivers food!

The mysterious townspeople and weird things going on have Emily ready to run for the hills. However, there is one thing in Camden that makes her want to stay... the very sexy Kian Lucas Nordin. The very man who makes her feel like her world is on fire. When he's around, she can't think straight. All she can think about is happily-ever-afters and steamy nights with the dreamy man.

Will Emily be able to get her head out of the clouds long enough for her and Selma to make a run for it? Or will she choose to stay trapped in Camden with the man of her dreams?