Bleeding Love
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Bleeding Love by J.S. Hart

Love is the blood of life. To live forever, one must drink every last drop. The line between love and hate is often drawn in blood. For Celeste, a powerful witch who sold her soul for revenge, living her lives hunted and feared is nothing new. Death is her companion, and darkness is her friend. But when both take the form of a lethal vampire who tries to kill her, her precarious fate hangs in the balance in more ways than one. For Roman, a listless vampire who exists solely because his Master wills it, turning into a creature of darkness and death was never a choice. His life ended the night his heart ceased to beat and for a thousand years, there had been nothing that made him want to live. But when a witch drenched in blood and magic crosses his path, something he thought long dead inside of him awakens. Joined by desire. Separated by hate. Can two monsters help each other heal from the wounds of the past or will they choose to destroy that which promises salvation? One thing is for certain: there will be blood. And if they are lucky, it won’t be theirs. Bleeding Love is part of The Soulless Witch series, but it can be read as a standalone.