Before Forever
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Before Forever by Harper Sky

I didn’t come to Silver Point to find love. But it seems determined to find me anyway. I came to Silver Point for two reasons: to escape the love that broke my heart, and settle my mother’s final affairs. The lake house that she left me is a welcome distraction—but Derek Mullins, the construction worker in charge of the team working on the renovations, is exactly the kind of distraction I don’t need. He’s sexy, optimistic, and full of charm—not the kind of man who falls for a girl like me. I’m overworked, full of regret, and lonely, with walls higher than the ones surrounding me in this dusty old house. But I’m also more vulnerable than I’ve ever been before, and when love takes us both by surprise, I don’t know if I’ll be strong enough to keep them from crashing down. I thought I was done with love. But Silver Point is full of surprises—and Derek is one I hadn’t counted on.