An Unconventional Bride (The Seymour Siblings Book 2)
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An Unconventional Bride (The Seymour Siblings Book 2) by Fiona Miers


A traditional gentleman in search of a suitable wife… …and the smart-mouthed hellion who steals his breath away.

Emma wants more from life than a loveless marriage. A boring husband and dreary life will never do. Her heart yearns for love and passion and adventure. She could never fall for chauvinistic William Seymour. Her best friend’s brother-in-law is as traditional as they come. So why is arguing with him more exciting than dreams of faraway lands?

Will Seymour is feeling pressured to settle down. He needs to find a suitable wife. An upstanding member of the 
ton. So why is he lusting after the flame-haired hellion who ignites his temper like no other? Before long they give in to passion, and Emma’s reputation is ruined. Will proposes marriage but is blindsided by her rejection… and the realization she now owns his heart.

Can Will prove his love for Emma before she disappears from his life forever?