All The Ugly Things
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All The Ugly Things by Stacey Lynn


One night changed everything.

In a single breath my entire future was ripped away.

Now I’m left simply trying to pick up the pieces. Endless nights waiting tables in hopes of keeping a single piece of the dream I left behind.

He came for pie with dark eyes and a cocky smile. But those eyes saw more than they should. Past my walls to all those secrets I’d long buried.

That should’ve been my first warning.

I should’ve said no when he offered me a job too good to be true.

But I said yes.

Slowly friendship sparked to something more. Stolen moments became an obsession neither of us could kick.

Hudson gave me more than I’d ever dreamed. So much of what I had lost.

A home.

A family.

I should’ve known it was all a beautiful lie.

I should’ve known he’d only leave me with all the ugly things...

**All The Ugly Things is book one in the Love and Lies Duet and ends on a cliffhanger. The completion, All The Beautiful Things, is available now.