A Special Kind of Advent: A Festive, Feel Good, Christmas Romance
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A Special Kind of Advent: A Festive, Feel Good, Christmas Romance by S J Crabb


Victoria Matthews has come a long way since she was known as Vicky Matthews, from flat 23 Roundshaw Towers.
The girl who against all the odds managed to claw her way through school and rise above the expectations of her peers.

She is ruthless, unrelenting and driven.
She works hard and has no room in her life for anything else.
She has no friends and even her own mother flinches when she visits.
Her staff fear her and she rips them apart as though they are candidates for the Apprentice.
The one focus in her life is making it to the top and today that dream is about to come true.
There is only one man standing in her way.

Charlie Monroe.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth he had his future mapped out for him from an early age.
He was born to wealthy parents and lived the life others could only dream of.
He went to Eton and then Oxford and has never had to try for anything because where his brain fails, his looks win.
Loved by everyone and desired by many.
Popular with his staff and everyone’s friend.

Victoria hates him.

They are both in the running to take over the company where they work when Mr Rowanson retires.
However, to win the company they must complete a set of challenges.
One for every day of December and on Christmas Day the winner will be chosen.
There is one condition.
They must work together and have no other help.

Every morning on the stroke of 8 they must open the Advent Calendar to discover their challenge.
These challenges will determine the winner and failure is not an option.

This is no ordinary Advent calendar and they are not children.
This time it's war and the winner takes it all.

Prepare for a special kind of Advent where anything can happen……even the unexpected!