A Hotwife For Halloween
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A Hotwife For Halloween by Kassia White

What can happen when I’m the only woman at my office's Halloween Party? I haven't been able to forget the filthy fun I've had in my dirty weekend in teambuilding. I need another reason to have my boss and all my coworkers use me again and I think I finally got one: Halloween. Wearing my slutty costume, driving them crazy with every sway of my hips, I confidently walked through the room, ready to be a naughty kitten for all fourteen of my coworkers. Bathing in their desire, I’m ready to prove to everyone why hotwives have the most fun. But this time my husband's here to see it all. Will he really be okay with everything? This story is an extra spicy hotwife romantic erotica and contains sex with multiple men, dirty talk with slight degradation and exhibitionism. All characters in this story are 18 years old of age or older. This book is for adults only.