A Force of Thunderbirds
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A Force of Thunderbirds by Julie L. Kramer

My best friend is missing. She might be dead… …and it’s all my fault. Being a thunderbird pilot was all I ever wanted. The raw energy out there flying, teleporting with my bird, witnessing her control lightning, it’s pure magic. But it’s also pure danger. Every. Single. Flight. And this time, one of us hadn’t come back. If I hadn’t been such a hothead. If I hadn’t gotten caught. If I hadn’t let him get to me… All those if’s weren’t helping me now. My wingwoman, my best friend, had taken my place. And now she was gone. It should have been me. Now I owe it to her to find her if she’s alive. He owes it to her, too. The new pilot who pushes all my buttons and enjoys it. He’s the reason I’m grounded, and it’s only fair that he volunteered to go on this mission with me. I know working together with him might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done as a thunderbird pilot. Yeah, even harder than teleporting in storms and getting up close and personal with deadly lightning strikes. But for her, I’m willing to walk into any danger. Including trusting Friar with my life…and maybe my heart.