A Duke’s Musical Romance: A Historical Regency Romance Book
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A Duke’s Musical Romance: A Historical Regency Romance Book by Amanda Seabrook


In the wake of her father's death, the kind Edith Oldham struggles with the burden of caring for her mother and sisters. As if that wasn’t enough, when her beloved sister falls seriously ill, raising funds becomes vital. However, fortune unexpectedly smiles on her, when she is hired as a piano tutor for a Duke’s sister. Little did she know though that she would soon feel unable to stop daydreaming about the Duke’s sparkling, yet seemingly cold, gaze...

With her heart beating fast whenever they are together, could this be the beginning of a magical love, or will heartbreak follow?

Thomas Newbury, the Duke of Albridge, is a man who has turned away from his own heart. In the aftermath of his parents’ loss, his life takes a very tragic turn and he progressively isolates himself. When he first hires Edith though, he finds himself drawn to her ethereal beauty. Nevertheless, he fears that romance could be a distraction for him, since the focus of his life is raising his sister.

Despite thinking that love was never on the cards for him, could the charming tutor be Thomas’ ultimate destiny?

Even though Edith and Thomas come from different worlds, a sweet romance will start flourishing between them. Nevertheless, the class chasm and their heavy duties are challenges they need to overcome in order to unite their two worlds. In the end, will love triumph over duty for Edith and Thomas? Or will they be doomed to become victims of their hurdles?

"A Duke's Musical Romance" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.