Annie Fox

Annie Fox



Before Mr. and Mrs. Black became co-authors of The Sex of Art series, they were award-winning writers inside New York’s worlds of media and advertising. And before they became a real life Mr. and Mrs., they were real life long-distance lovers. He in London. She in New York.

For two long years, they sent short erotic stories back-and-forth across an ocean that made each other feel loved, and a little less apart. Then one day, the future Mrs. Black sent something that stood out from all the others. It was clearly the first chapter in a bigger story. A dark and intoxicating universe that they quickly decided they wanted to build together for the rest of their lives.

That story ultimately grew to become Portrait of a Badass Woman. Book 1 in The Sex of Art series. And it’s now yours to enjoy, too.

Mr. and Mrs. Black live and love in New York, where they are happily married on the outside, and furiou​​sly workshopping their badass female romance ideas on the inside.